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Animania contains an in game Config Gui for modifying config options. Just go to Mod Options and choose Animania to get started.

Categories include:

  • Game Rules
  • Drops
  • Spawning
  • Care and Feeding
  • Food Value Overrides

Here are a few examples of what can be changed:

  • Set animals to Ambiance Mode, where they do not have to eat or drink
  • Toggle whether or not to replace vanilla animals (Default = replace)
  • Toggle whether or not certain drops or resources give magic effects (Default = give effects)
  • Toggle on/off to spawn each animal species from Animania
  • Toggle Automation on/off in the config (Default = on)
  • Toggle Starvation feature on/off in the config (if animals are not properly cared for, they take damage, Default = off, 1.11 and 1.12 only)
  • Modify what each animal type can drop (using any mod currently in game)
  • Set the timer for feeding, drinking, playing, laying eggs, gestation period, wool regrowth, and child growth, feather drops
  • Modify frequency of occurrence, spawn limits, and spawn group size of each animal type
  • Toggle on/off mobs spawning riding Animania animals (For example baby pigmen riding piglets, Default = on)

Custom Drops

Via the in-game Config GUI, you can change the what the animals drop. Just go into the Drops category and enter the item you want for the animal drop you want to change. The item can come from any mod currently installed in the game.

The structure is as follows.

  • mod:item
  • if your item has metadata, then use mod:item#meta


  • inventorypets:nugget_ender
  • minecraft:bone
  • minecraft:wool#5