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The development of Animania is an ongoing process, new features get added and bugs get fixed all in spare time. This is a huge accomplishment that gives us a great mod to play with. But who exactly are the people behind Animania? What is their role within the team? And what has happened thus far in the history of Animania? You will find all the answers on this and underlying pages.

Development Team

The Animania mod was started by RazzleberryFox and Purplicious_Cow. Later on the Development team was expanded with the addition of MrTschipp, Raptorfarian, TheJurassicAlien and vroulas.

Craftstudio API

ZeAmateis and Timmypote are the creators of the CraftstuidoAPI which is required for animania.

Artwork team

cy4n makes artwork and renders for Animania and even some occasional texture work.

History and repositories

During development there are some teasers on twitter for upcoming content and bugs that are being worked on. There's also release notes being shared and milestones announced.