India Blue Peafowl

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India Blue Peafowl spawn in the wild as family groups called a muster. India Blue Peafowl can be found in Jungle and Swamp biomes. When in the wild they will eat Toads and Frogs. In order to feed and breed them you can use seeds of any type which are their favourite food. You also need to give them water to drink by right-clicking them with a water bucket, they will also drink from nearby water blocks or troughs filled with water. Unlike pigs and cows, they do not consume a full water block or bucket.


In order for India Blue Peafowl to breed you need both a male and a female in close proximity to each other. They also have to be happy, which means you have to feed them and give them access to water. There also has to be a nest nearby, when these conditions are met the peahen will lay a Peafowl Egg in the nest.


The peacock is the male of the species, it has colourful feathers which it drops at a random interval. Killing a peacock will also drop a feather of it's colour, this will not happen for peahen or peachicks.


The peahen is the female of the species, unlike the peacock it does not have much colour and doesn't drop a feather on death.


After the gestation period for a peafowl egg is done it will hatch and a peachick will emerge, these young peafowl grow up after a period of time. There is currently no way to tell if it will be a peacock or peahen because gender is determined when it is fully grown.