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Items are objects that only exist within the player's inventory and hands - this meaning, they cannot be directly placed in the game world.

Food Bacon Raw duroc bacon icon.pngRaw Bacon (Duroc)
Cooked duroc bacon icon.pngBacon (Duroc)
Raw hampshire bacon icon.pngRaw Bacon (Hampshire)
Cooked hampshire bacon icon.pngBacon (Hampshire)
Raw large black bacon icon.pngRaw Bacon (Large Black)
Cooked large black bacon icon.pngBacon (Large Black)
Raw old spot bacon icon.pngRaw Bacon (Old Spot)
Cooked old spot bacon icon.pngBacon (Old Spot)
Raw Prime Bacon
Roast Prime Bacon
Pork Raw duroc pork icon.pngRaw Pork (Duroc)
Cooked duroc roast icon.pngRoast Pork (Duroc)
Raw hampshire pork icon.pngRaw Pork (Hampshire)
Cooked hampshire roast icon.pngRoast Pork (Hampshire)
Raw large black pork icon.pngRaw Pork (Large Black)
Cooked large black roast icon.pngRoast Pork (Large Black)
Raw old spot pork icon.pngRaw Pork (Old Spot)
Cooked old spot roast icon.pngRoast Pork (Old Spot)
Raw Prime Pork
Roast Prime Pork)
Chicken Raw orpington chicken icon.pngRaw Chicken (Orpington)
Cooked orpington chicken icon.pngRoast Chicken (Orpington)
Raw plymouth rock chicken icon.pngRaw Chicken (Plymouth Rock)
Cooked plymouth rock chicken icon.pngRoast Chicken (Plymouth Rock)
Raw rhode island red chicken icon.pngRaw Chicken (Rhode Island Red)
Cooked rhode island red chicken icon.pngRoast Chicken (Rhode Island Red)
Raw wyandotte chicken icon.pngRaw Chicken (Wyandotte)
Cooked wyandotte chicken icon.pngRoast Chicken (Wyandotte)
Raw Prime Chicken
Roast Prime Chicken
Beef Raw angus beef icon.pngRaw Beef (Angus)
Cooked angus roast icon.pngRoast Beef (Angus)
Raw hereford beef icon.pngRaw Beef (Hereford)
Cooked hereford roast icon.pngRoast Beef (Hereford)
Raw longhorn beef icon.pngRaw Beef (Longhorn)
Cooked longhorn roast icon.pngRoast Beef (Longhorn)
Raw Prime Beef
Roast Prime Beef
Steak Raw angus steak icon.pngRaw Steak (Angus)
Cooked angus steak icon.pngCooked Steak (Angus)
Raw hereford steak icon.pngRaw Steak (Hereford)
Cooked hereford steak icon.pngCooked Steak (Hereford)
Raw longhorn steak icon.pngRaw Steak (Longhorn)
Cooked longhorn steak icon.pngCooked Steak (Longhorn)
Raw Prime Steak
Roast Prime Steak
Miscellaneous Raw frog legs icon.pngRaw Frog Legs
Cooked frog legs icon.pngCooked Frog Legs
Horse raw icon.pngRaw Horse
Horse cooked icon.pngCooked Horse
Chevon raw icon.pngRaw Chevon
Chevon cooked icon.pngRoast Chevon
Prime chevon raw icon.pngRaw Prime Chevon
Prime chevon cooked icon.pngCooked Prime Chevon
Prime mutton raw icon.pngRaw Prime Mutton
Prime mutton cooked icon.pngCooked Prime Mutton
Rabbit raw icon.pngRaw Prime Rabbit
Rabbit cooked icon.pngCooked Prime Rabbit
Omelettes Plain omelette icon.pngPlain Omelette Bacon omelette icon.pngBacon Omelette Cheese omelette icon.pngCheese Omelette Super omelette icon.pngSuper Omelette
Milk Bottle milk icon.pngBottle of Milk Bucket milk friesian icon.pngBucket of Milk (Friesian) Bucket milk holstein icon.pngBucket of Milk (Holstein) Bucket of Milk (Jersey) Bucket milk goat icon.pngBucket of Milk (Goat) Bucket of Milk (Sheep)
Eggs Brown egg icon.pngBrown egg Peacock egg blue icon.pngPeafowl Egg Peacock egg white icon.pngPeafowl Egg
Cheese Cheese wedge friesian icon.pngCheese Wedge (Friesian) Cheese wedge goat icon.pngCheese Wedge (Goat) Cheese wedge holstein icon.pngCheese Wedge (Holstein) Cheese Wedge (Jersey) Cheese wedge sheep icon.pngCheese Wedge (Sheep)
Truffles Truffle icon.pngTruffle Chocolate truffle icon.pngChocolate Truffle Truffle soup icon.pngTruffle Soup
Feathers Peacock feather blue icon.pngBlue Peacock Feather Peacock feather charcoal icon.pngCharcoal Peacock Feather Peacock feather opal icon.pngOpal Peacock Feather Peacock feather peach icon.pngPeach Peacock Feather Peacock feather purple icon.pngPurple Peacock Feather Peacock feather taupe icon.pngTaupe Peacock Feather Peacock feather white icon.pngWhite Peacock Feather
Miscellaneous Carving knife icon.png Carving Knife Hamster ball white icon.pngHamster Ball Lead icon.pngLead Nametag icon.pngNametag Riding crop icon.pngRiding Crop Wheel icon.pngWheel