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There are six breeds of Pigs in Animania. Each has slightly different drops, resources, and attributes. All pigs drop meats, some are better with Bacon, some with Roasts.

Pig behaviors

  • They love to roll in the mud and swim! Be sure to make them a mud pit and a little pond to dive into!
  • All Animania adult pigs can be ridden. Just make sure they have been fed and watered, and right click with a Carrot and Stick. The 'speed boost' feature can be enabled by using your stick again while riding.
  • Take your adult pigs to a Forest and they can help you find truffles when they have a lead. Be patient as this may take some time.
  • Pigs often spawn as families in the world
  • Hogs and piglets generally try to stay near the mother Sow

Pig Breeds



  • Will graze on tall grass.
  • Will eat from a slop filled trough. (can be adjusted in the config)
  • Favorites include; Beets, carrots, potatoes, slop.


  • Will drink from water filled troughs, or water blocks such as ponds, rivers and lakes.
  • You can also fill up a water bucket and give them a drink manually.
  • Consume full water block or bucket when drinking.