Draft Horses

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Draft horses.png
Black,Bay, (Mix), White (Left to right)
(Mix), Bay,Grey (Left to right)

There are currently 6 different colours of Draft Horses, they are found in Plains and Savanna biomes. Draft Horses are intended to be work horses, and do not replace vanilla horses. They are useful animals in farm!


  • Mesa Biome
  • Plain Biome
  • Savanna Biome


  • Can be ridden if have a riding crop (held in hand)
  • Will only breed when they are happy.
  • Stallions and foals generally try to stay near the mother horse (mare).
  • Horses often spawn as families in the world.
  • Can pull Horse Carts and Covered Wagons

Riding Crop

  • Use a Riding Crop on a Fed and Watered Draft Horse to ride it. No saddle is required.
  • Use your riding crop again while riding for a Speed Boost



  • Will graze on grass, flowers and some crops.
  • Will eat from a wheat filled trough. (can be adjusted in the config)
  • Favorites include; Apples, carrots and wheat.


  • Will drink from water filled troughs, or water blocks such as ponds, rivers and lakes.
  • You can also fill up a water bucket and give them a drink manually.


  • Leather
  • Raw Horse meat


  • Using golden carrot to breed.


With cheats enabled you can summon the different types with the following command:

/summon animania:[foal|stallion|mare]_draft {ColorNumber:[0-5]}

You choose between foal stallion and mare respectively. The ColorNumber on the end determines which one you get. For example:

/summon animania:stallion_draft {ColorNumber:3}

Any number you fill in that goes over 5 will just revert to it's 0 state, so ColorNumber:0 and ColorNumber:83 are exactly the same horse.