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Trough icon.pngTroughs are used to hold food and water for animals.

  • All animals can drink water from troughs.
  • Cows, Goats, Horses, Pigs and Sheep can eat from troughs.
  • Items can be placed in the trough by hand or by throwing them.
  • Can be automated with droppers and redstone comparators.
  • Can be set up with pipes, hoppers and other inventory mods.
  • Takes up two blocks of space.

Contents that can be placed in the trough by default.

  • Default: Slop, Water, Wheat
  • HarvestCraft: Barley, Oats
  • Simple Corn: Corn


A trough is a basic block for feeding and watering your animals. It is necessary for larger animals, as they can consume whole blocks of grass and water, which if a lot of animals are feeding in a small area can lead to a shortage. It can be automated with pipes and hoppers, and takes up two blocks of space.

Crafting Recipe

  • Wood (x4)
  • Iron Ingot (x1)
  • Stick (x2)

Trough recipe.png