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Goats are funny and useful animals. They can provide meat and milk. They are one of the major milk and meat source in Animania mod. There are prime meat goat and regular meat goat. Kilo goats belong to the regular meat goat family.

The tamed Fainting goat family


  • Plain biomes


  • The bucks frequently measure their strength try sparring against other bucks.
  • The does can only be milked when they have a child.
  • Eat plants, vegetables (Can be edited in the configuration)
  • Eat Wheat from trough(s)
  • Drink water from fresh lakes, rivers, man-made ponds, water troughs, or water buckets
  • They might faint if you sprint directly into them! It will take them a bit of time to rest.


  • Wheat, corns
  • Apple


  • Prime raw mutton
  • They will drop more if well fed.