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Mooshroom cows are special Cows, they produce mushroom stew instead of milk. They can be turned into Friesian cows by right clicking them with shears.

A family of Mooshroom cows
Mooshroom bull and calf seeking wheat from player


  • Mushroom Biome


  • Eat grass, flowers, and some vegetables (protect your farms!)
  • Eat Wheat from trough(s)
  • Drink water from fresh lakes, rivers, man-made ponds, water troughs, or water buckets
  • Bulls will attack if provoked
  • Cows only breed when they are happy
  • Cows only give milk when happy and after having giving birth and will become thirsty again after providing milk
  • Bulls and calves generally try to stay near their mother
  • Cows can spawn as families in the world


  • Favourite food: Wheat, Yellow and Red Flowers
  • Vegetables (Can be customised through configurations)


  • Adult Jersey cow will drop (1~4) of prime beef, (1~2) mushrooms and 1 leather when killed.
    • They will drop more if well fed.
  • Mushroom Stew
    • Mooshroom cows will yield mushroom stew instead of milk.
    • Mushroom stew can be collected by right clicking on Mooshroom.
  • Mushroom
    • Can be collected by right clicking to shear Mooshroom cow. However, the Mooshroom cow will now turn into Friesian Cow.