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There are five breeds of cows in Animania. Each has slightly different drops, resources, and attributes. For instance, a Holstein is known for the quality of its milk, while an Angus is more of a beef cow.


  • Bulls attack if provoked.
  • Only breed when they are happy.
  • Produce milk when happy or they have a calf.
  • Become thirsty after giving milk.
  • Bulls and calves generally try to stay near their mother.
  • Adult cows have a chance tp drop prime meat.
  • Cows can spawn as families in the world.
  • Milk is considered a liquid and is compatible with universal buckets. (ver. 1.11, 1.12)

Cow Breeds



  • Will graze on grass, flowers and a handful of crops.
  • Will eat from a wheat filled trough. (can be adjusted in the config)
  • Favorites include; Flowers (red and yellow) and wheat.


  • Will drink from water filled troughs, or water blocks such as ponds, rivers and lakes.
  • You can also fill up a water bucket and give them a drink manually.
  • Consume full water block or bucket when drinking.