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An overview of all the stuff that has yet to get done.

General stuffs

There are a couple of general edit jobs that have to get done. Here's a couple of ordinances that can help out.

  • No page should be a dead end, check out Special:DeadendPages to see which pages need a reference back to other pages.
  • No page should be orphaned, check out Special:LonelyPages to see which pages need to be referenced from other pages.
  • A decent page size should be 600bytes and over, check out Special:ShortPages to see which pages need content


There are a lot of missing images.

Animal Images

Each animal page should have at least 1 image. The following Animal pages have images missing:






There are currently a lot of missing icons, these should be added

Block Icons

Animal Icons

There are currently no animal icons, these could be added to the animals template

Item Icons

Each item should have an item icon, these are currently missing:


All templates on this wiki are currently manual like Template:Animals, Template:Blocks and Template:Items. We need real ones that are adaptive to change in content, this will probably require extensions to be installed.