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Animals are the main focus of the Animania mod, they are meant to replace vanilla animals or improve vanilla animals behaviour. There are a lot more animals then just the vanilla ones though, as Animania adds types that are completely new. For most of the vanilla and new mods there are also different Breeds which add diversity to an animal type.

Animals in Animania come in 3 types, these are Farm Animals, Pets and Ambient Creatures.

Farm Animals

Farm animals are animals that can be domesticated and used to create their relative produce. Each type of animal has their own produce which can be used in crafting recipes. Depending on the breed of animal the produce can have special properties that are exclusive to that breed, this makes collecting a wide variety worth while.


Pets are animals that can be tamed and used for companionship. Each type of pet has their own charm, some however have special world interactions.

Ambient Creatures

Ambient creatures are animals that add life to the world, some of them have small interactions with players but most of these animals are for show or decoration.

Amphibians Dart Frogs Frogs Toads
Chickens Leghorn Orpington Plymouth Rock Rhode Island Red Wyandotte
Cows Bull angus.pngAngus Bull friesian.pngFriesian Bull hereford.pngHereford Bull holstein.pngHolstein Bull jersey.pngJersey Bull mooshroom.pngMooshroom Bull highland.pngScottish Highland Bull longhorn.pngTexas Longhorn
Draft Horses
Rodents Grey Ferret White Ferret Hedgehog.pngHedgehog Hedgehog white.pngAlbino Hedgehog Hamster black.pngHamsters
Goats Alpine Angora Fainting Kiko Kinder Nigerian Dwarf Pygmy
Peafowl Charcoal Peafowl India Blue Peafowl Opal Peafowl Peach Peafowl Purple Peafowl Taupe Peafowl White Peafowl
Pigs Hog duroc icon.pngDuroc Hog hampshire icon.pngHampshire Hog large black icon.pngLarge Black Hog large white icon.pngLarge White Hog old spot icon.pngOld Spot Hog yorkshire icon.pngYorkshire
Rabbits Chinchilla Cottontail Dutch Havana Jack Lop New Zealand Rex
Sheep Dorper Dorset Friesian Sheep Merino Jacob Suffolk