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~~" Hedgehogs are rodent that can be found in forest biome. Their famous relative is the Sonic! The common Hedgehog looks like a ball with spikes. We can identify common Hedgehog from Albino Hedgehog by the colour of eyes and skin. Common hedgehogs share black skin and eyes.
Displaying a common hedgehog


  • Forest Biome


  • They drink from troughs, rivers, ponds or artificial lakes.
    • Unlike pigs and cows, hedgehogs do not consume full blocks of water! (Player can hydrated them with water bucket)
  • Attack small animals like chicks, chickens and frogs.
  • Eat eggs from nests



  • Use their favourite food to tame them!


  • They can be picked up on your shoulder by shift+right clicking.
  • Placing them down by shift + right clicking.
  • By simply right clicking on your tamed ferret, you can order them to sit or get up.


  • Unable to be bred at the moment


  • No drop currently
  • Only xp