Grey Ferret

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Grey Ferret Icon.pngGrey Ferret is one of the two ferrets we can find in Animania. Ferret are predator in nature! Many small animals are their prey. They are known for assisting human hunting in history.

A Grey Ferret


  • Savanna Biome


  • Attack small animals like chicks, chickens, frogs and rabbits. (My cute bunnies ;_; )
  • Eat eggs from nests
  • They can be tamed
    Taming ferrets with raw mutton!
  • Cannot be bred at the moment


  • Favourite food: Meat(Raw Mutton, Raw Chicken and Raw Rabbit)Prime mutton raw icon.pngRaw wyandotte chicken icon.pngRabbit raw icon.png, Egg(All chicken eggs and peacock eggs)Peacock egg white icon.pngPeacock egg blue icon.pngBrown egg icon.png
  • They drink from troughs, rivers, ponds or artificial lakes.
    • Unlike pigs and cows, ferrets do not consume full blocks of water! (Player can hydrated them with water bucket)


  • No drop currently
  • Only xp


  • Using favourite food to tame our lovely ferrets!


  • They can be picked up on your shoulder by shift+right clicking.
    Placing the white ferret on player's shoulder
  • Placing them down by shift + right clicking.
  • By simply right clicking on your tamed ferret, you can order them to sit or get up.

Remember they do teleport like normal pet!!