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Hedgehogs are pets that come in 2 types, a normal Hedgehog and an Albino Hedgehog. Hedgehogs can be found in forest biomes, they can be tamed and will follow you once you feed them their favourite food. You will know they are tamed because a heart will occasionally float above their heads.

Hedgehog Behaviours

  • Hedgehogs can be tamed by feeding them their favourite foods
  • Hedgehogs can 'sit' and stay by right-clicking them. Click again to make them stand.
  • Tamed Hedgehogs can ride on your shoulder. Simply sneak + right click to add them to your shoulder. Repeat to put them back down.
  • Hedgehogs can drink water from rivers, ponds, and lakes or by hand
  • Hedgehogs will steal eggs from Chicken nests
  • Hedgehogs will also eat frogs and toads in the wild
  • Hedgehogs can dig up Carrots, Beets, and Potatoes from farms
  • Hedgehogs Foods: Eggs, Carrots, Beets

(Note: breeding is not implemented for Hedgehogs)