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Item cart icon.pngHorse carts are carts that can be pulled by the player,draft horses or pigs. Horse carts can be used to transport animals, alternatively you can attach a chest to the cart to transport items instead.

How to Use

  • Place your Cart by right clicking on the ground
  • Right click with an empty hand to grab and pull the Cart by yourself
  • To attach to a horse:
    • Once you are pulling a Cart, mount a horse to attach the Cart to the horse
    • Or lead the horse to a Cart (with a lead) on click on the Cart
    • Or right click on the Cart while riding a Horse
  • To place an animal in the Cart, simply lead the animal to the back of the Cart (with a Lead), and they will hop in
  • To remove an animal from the Cart, attach a Leadto it
  • To place a Chest in the Cart, right click while holding a Chest
  • To open the Chest, sneak + right click on the Chest
  • To ride in the Cart yourself, sneak + right click on an empty Cart
  • Pigs can also pull carts (but they are a bit less controlled)
  • Horses will not wander away when attached to a cart (unless they are very hungry and see some food)
  • To convert a 'chested' Cart back to an empty cart, just break the cart and the chest (and any items) will drop