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Blocks are the basic units of structure in the world. The main difference between items and blocks is that blocks can be placed in the world, items only exist in the players inventory.

Wool Wool dorset brown icon.pngWool (Dorset, Brown) Wool friesian black icon.pngWool (Friesian Black) Wool friesian brown icon.pngWool (Friesian, Brown) Wool jacob icon.pngWool (Jacob) Wool merino brown icon.pngWool (Merino, Brown) Wool merino white icon.pngWool (Merino, White) Wool suffolk brown icon.pngWool (Suffolk, Brown)
Cheese Cheese wheel friesian icon.pngCheese Wheel (Friesian) Cheese wheel goat icon.pngCheese Wheel (Goat) Cheese wheel holstein icon.pngCheese Wheel (Holstein) Cheese Wheel (Jersey) Cheese wheel sheep icon.pngCheese Wheel (Sheep)
Animal Care Hamster wheel icon.pngHamster Wheel Mud icon.pngMud Nest icon.pngNest Salt lick icon.pngSalt Lick Trough icon.pngTrough
Vehicles Item cart icon.pngHorse Cart Item wagon icon.pngCovered Wagon