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Welcome to the Official Animania Mod Wiki, an accessible and editable wiki for information related to Animania. The wiki, its 127 articles and 240 files are managed and maintained by 12 contributors from the Animania community.

What is Animania?

Animania is a Minecraft mod that replaces and upgrades passive animals from Minecraft, adding multiple breeds, new behaviors and several new species. This is mainly achieved by replacing Minecraft models, textures and animations for a more realistic feel. The behaviour of passive animals is more realistict with more stringent caretaking and better breeding. There is even more interaction with the player as there are more animal products to be processed, like Cheese and carved meats.

Not convinced?

Still not sure if you like this mod? Here's what the Developers have to say about Animania.
"Proper animals in Minecraft. Animals that make sense! WITH BETTER MODELS!"
Purplicious cow.png
"The goal of Animania is to bring animals to life inside of Minecraft, with breeds, genders, eating, drinking, breeding, and more interactions with the player. An animal ecosystem sandbox!"
"If you like mods that blend well into the vanilla game and enhance core mechanics, you'll love Animania. It completely revamps the way of thinking when running a Farm in Minecraft"

Helping out

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