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Breeding is different for subgroups, mammals and fowls breed differently.

Mammal Breeding

Draft Horses, Cows, Pigs, Goats, Sheep and Rabbits

  • To breed mammals, simply put an eligible Female near an eligible Male of any breed type.
  • If the mammals are not already mated (to another mammal), they will fall in love and make children as long as they are very close by and well fed.
  • Any two breeds of the same species can mate (e.g., a Hereford Bull and a Holstein Cow = OK)
  • By default it takes around 1 Minecraft day for a child to be born (this is configurable).
  • The resulting breed is based on chance.
  • Make sure you keep the Mother well fed during pregnancy.
  • If the mated male and female are separated by more than 30 blocks then the relationship will be severed.
  • Please note that females will only give milk if they have first given birth.

Fowl Breeding

Chicken and Peafowl

  • To make baby Chicks, simply place a nest for your Hen or Peahen (recipe below is same for both).
  • If the Hen is fed and watered, and enough time has gone by, they will lay eggs in your nest.
  • Up to 3 eggs can be laid per nest before it is considered full.
  • If there is a Rooster/Peacock nearby the nest, an egg has a chance to hatch into a baby chick.
  • The resulting breed is based on chance from the parents.
  • Eggs can be gathered directly from the nest by hand (right-click)

Please note: on 1.11 and 1.12, WAILA and The One Probe mods will show you if your animal is mated, and if you have named your animals, it will tell you the mate's name (if you sneak while viewing). These mods can also show you if the female is pregnant, when it is approximately due to give birth (or lay an egg), if the animal is fertile (and ready to get pregnant), if the bird is looking for a nest, or the female mammal is ready to give milk.

Raising offspring

As long as you keep your animal offspring fed and watered they will grow. By default, it takes around 1 Minecraft day to become an adult (this value can be adjusted in the config, under Growth Ticker Timer, where a lower number makes offspring grow up faster).